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Even the best parents can face an unforeseen legal issue with their children. With the ever-changing influence of technology in our young one's lives, knowing when and what they can be held criminally responsible for is the first step in protecting them. Chris H. Warren is dedicated to providing families with the education and legal representation to best protect their greatest assets, their children.


Whether you are facing a potential bitter divorce or custody battle, an international child support fight, or worried about protecting your assets in a high-net-worth divorce, Chris H. Warren has the experience and personal touch that puts you in the best hands for representing your family's legal needs. For a truly remarkable experience and personal care, speak to Chris today to see how he can help.


No one is perfect  - mistakes in life can happen to even the most disciplined individuals. Should you find yourself in unfamiliar territory facing an unexpected criminal charge, DWI, or misdemeanor offense, our attorneys will fight to restore your good name like it were our own. The invaluable experience you get from our former Harris County intern prosecutor will keep you at ease during such a stressful time.

Firm Overview


At the law office of Christopher H. Warren, we provide comprehensive family law and juvenile law representation to clients in The Woodlands, Conroe, and the Greater Houston area as well as the Texas Hill Country. We pride ourselves on being reliable advocates and counselors you can trust with your family’s personal legal problems.


 As a graduate of Texas A&M and South Texas College of Law, and with more than 15 years of courtroom litigation experience, Chris Warren is prepared to help you resolve all your family-related legal issues, at every stage of your life, from Juvenile Law, Family Law, and select Criminal Law cases. Having been licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 2002 and licensed to practice law  in the Federal Western and Southern District courts, Mr. Warren brings a breadth of experience which has prepared him to handle your family's legal needs with expert care. His background as an intern prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney's Office and mentoring with prominent Family and Criminal Law practitioners has contributed greatly to the success and positive results he has produced.

Mr. Warren's professional and personal motto has always been: Do what's right, live honestly, and treat people the way you want to be treated. He has the life experience to personally relate to their clients sympathetically and as a caring, invested advocate.

Family law litigation affects your loved ones and can cause unnecessary anxiety and pain. Mr. Warren is dedicated to helping clients address their family law issues as cost effective, drama-free, and as painless as possible. Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation today and see how we can help.

About Us

Regions We Serve

The Woodlands & Conroe

With over 15 years experience in Montgomery County Texas courts, we have the experience navigating through the local system that can make all the difference in getting your case handled while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Greater houston

As a former Harris County Texas intern prosecutor, Chris Warren has the inside knowledge, insight, and invaluable courtroom experience you want on your side should you find yourself in Family Law or Criminal Law proceedings.

Texas Hill Country

Mr. Warren has experience litigating cases in Uvalde, Real, Medina, Bandera, and counties in Hill Country Texas courts, we can serve your needs in your home town or when you find yourself facing a potentially frustrating situation while out of town.



“He is humble, genuine, listened well, and gave me realistic expectations and advice over the phone before we even had our initial consultation. Every other attorney I have dealt with had been more interested in collecting a consultation fee before being allowed to speak with them. It felt great to be treated as something other than just the next paycheck."

CLIENT A / DWI / 2014

"Unfortunately, I have had to consult with a number of lawyers over the years and from our very first conversation about my custody modification, I knew immediately Mr. Warren was cut from a different cloth than your typical attorney. Mr. Warren is truly a unique breath of fresh air and takes the "game" out of his profession."


“Not only was Chris warm, personal, and down to earth, you could tell throughout the process that he genuinely cares about his clients and the outcome of their case - unfortunately a rare occurrence in my experience. This was the one time I was happy to pay an attorney for their services and will continue to hire him every time another need arises.”


I loved how Chris was able to help me understand even the most complicated parts of my case in simple terms and made it far less scary to go through. I can't begin to describe how much peace of mind that gave me during one of the most stressful times in my life. It really made me feel like I had someone truly on my side.


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