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Helping High-Net-Worth Clients in The Woodlands Community

Texas is a community property state. This means that in a divorce your marital assets must be divided equally as determined by a negotiated settlement or at trial by a judge. If you are going through a high net worth divorce, it is wise to seek a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to protect his clients’ rights.


Your Family Matters. Your Finances Matter. Protection When Life Changes.
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At The Woodlands law office of Christopher H. Warren you will find an attorney you can trust to effectively, knowledgeably and responsibly protect your interests and your assets during a high net worth divorce.

  • Are you the higher income wage earner — a business owner, medical doctor or high level executive — seeking to protect your assets?

  • Do you earn less than your spouse and are worried about paying all the bills and supporting your children?

  • Have you stayed home to raise your children but have a prenuptial agreement that threatens to take everything from you?


We strive to help every client obtain the best outcome possible in a divorce or other family law matter, whether through negotiation or litigation.


Thorough Community Estate Valuation in High Net Worth Divorce

We have access to experienced and effective business evaluators, forensic accountants, financial experts, real estate appraisers and economists to lend strength to your side of the community estate story.


Realistic Guidance

We can help you understand potential outcomes of a property division matter, depending on the action you wish to take. Our goal is to provide sound, realistic guidance so that you can prepare for life after divorce.


Creative Problem Solver

High net worth divorce lawyer Mr. Warren uses his valuable experience for protecting his clients’ financial interests.His depth helps him find creative and compelling ways to maintain his clients’ assets.


Meet an Experienced Divorce Lawyer and Get Your Questions Answered

Concerned about your fair share of the community estate? Seeking to protect your assets and limit your exposure? Please call, text, or e-mail the law office of Christopher H. Warren at 832.326.2932.

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