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Modification of a Divorce Decree


Changes happen over time and the law has procedures in place for accommodating changes regarding a final decree of divorce. These changes may include any of the following:

  • A substantial increase or decrease in income for either of the parties

  • A custodial parent seeks to relocate to another state or country

  • A noncustodial parent seeks custody of the child

  • A custodial parent needs to change the custody arrangement due to career, health reasons or other reasons

  • A supported spouse is remarrying


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A Texas court must approve any change in the divorce decree. Seek the counsel Chris Warren of an experienced lawyer who can help you understand your rights and the process for seeking to obtain or to prevent a modification of your original divorce decree, support order or custodial arrangement.

We Represent Clients in the prosecution or defense of a motion to modify

Our law firm can help you negotiate a new custody and visitation agreement that works for you. We are also skilled in fighting to prevent a change in custody, support or relocation of a child if there is a legal basis for it.

Mr. Warren has years of experience in The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding Houston area. He is an attorney you can count on to fully protect your rights while providing responsive, prompt and honest guidance and support throughout the process.


Modifications require the same analysis as a divorce or other family law matter. As in divorce cases,most courts require that the parties attend mediation. In mediation we will seek to reach an agreement that is fair. However, if we are unable to obtain resolution, we will be fully prepared to aggressively represent your rights in court.


Initial Consultation Now

If you have questions about a child support modification, spousal support modification or any other modification of an order, please call or e-mail the law office of Christopher H. Warren today to schedule a helpful first meeting:

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