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Guardianship Attorney of Incapacitated Adults, Disabled Adults and of Children

in The Woodlands, Texas


Guardianship lawyer, Christopher H. Warren, has years of experience handling legal guardianship and contested guardianship in the greater Houston Montgomery area. The guardianship legal process involves requesting a legal appointment as guardian from the probate court. The court must agree that the person in question is unable to make effective decisions about health or financial matters and needs a guardian to do so.


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Our firm’s sensitivity, respect and professionalism can help to minimize stress during a particularly difficult time in your life. Guardianships involve issues like these:

  • There are times when an elderly adult suffering from dementia or other illness can no longer make appropriate decisions for himself and needs someone else to make these decisions in his best interest.

  • When an adult suffers from mental illness, he or she may need to be placed under guardianship to get needed help.

  • There are times when a sudden accident deprives minor children of their parents and a grandparent or other relative needs to take over caring for the children.

  • When a disabled minor turns 18, her parents must obtain a guardianship in order to make decisions on behalf of the child.

  • If a minor has been seriously injured in a personal injury accident, any settlement or award compensation received must be placed under a legal estate guardianship accountable to the probate court or into the registry of the court.


When a person has failed prior to incapacity to execute a valid power of attorney, a guardian may be needed. Guardians can legally:

  • Access proper medical care for the individual

  • Manage financial matters

  • Help ensure a loved one’s well-being


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When you need practical, trustworthy legal counsel for guardianship, probate or other legal matters in The Woodlands or surrounding Houston communities, please call or e-mail the law office of Christopher H. Warren: 936 271 4000

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