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Helpful Houston Area Court Resources

This compendium of information on courts and court resources in the greater Houston area will help you track the details of your case through the Texas justice system. The below links will direct you to court resources for the appropriate county that contain information such as scheduled court dates, arrest warrant information, and other public court details.

Select the link below that most appropriately corresponds to your and county and court case, then follow any instructions on that site to find the information that you may need.

Harris County

  • Online Case Search: District Court - Harris County District Clerk's Office online search for detailed information relating to currently filed cases within the Harris County District Courts.

  • Online Case Search: JP Court - Find information and court dates for your case that is filed within the Harris County Justice of the Peace courts.

  • District Courts: Criminal - Information about judges and criminal courts within the Harris County District Courts

  • District Courts: Juvenile - Harris County District Courts section on judges and locations within the juvenile court system for the district

  • Justice of the Peace Courts: Criminal Cases - Information from the Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts pertaining to criminal trial procedures

  • District Clerk - Find information about cases and court procedures directly from the Harris County District Clerk's Office.


Montgomery County

  • Felony Criminal Case Inquiry: District Court - Montgomery County District Clerk's Office online search for information pertaining to felony criminal cases filed within the Montgomery County District Courts

  • County Courts - Montgomery County's collection of information on judges, locations, and court procedures for all of the county courts in Montgomery County.

  • District Courts - Information from Montgomery County District Courts regarding judges and locations within the Montgomery County District Court system.


Fort Bend County

  • Online Case Search - Fort Bend County's online case search allows you to search by a number of different criteria and find criminal case records that have been filed with the county or district courts.

  • District Courts: Criminal Division - A collection of information from Fort Bend County's District Clerk's Office about criminal trials within the Fort Bend County District Court system


Waller County

  • County Court Offices - Contact and location information for office and office holders within the Waller County Court system.

  • County Clerk's Office - Information from the Waller County Clerk's Office with an available criminal case search.


Brazoria County

  • Criminal Records Search - Search through criminal records that have been filed in Brazoria County.

  • District Courts - Information and updates from the Brazoria County District Courts.

  • County Courts - Brazoria County Court system site that provides forms and information regarding fees and procedures in the criminal justice system for the county.


Liberty County

  • District Courts Public Records Search - Search public court records that have been filed with Liberty County District Courts (Note: Registration is required to request a public record).

  • Liberty County Court-At-Law - Information on procedures and services offered by the Liberty County Court-At-Law, along with contact information for court coordination.


Galveston County

  • District Courts - Links to information about the various district courts within Galveston County

  • County Courts - Galveston County Court links that contain information regarding judges and staff for each of the three courthouses in Galveston County

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