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Texas Child Custody Laws

Every parent wants what is best for his or her children. However, parents often disagree about the education, lifestyle and values that they wish to instill in their children. In these instances, disputes over child custody often arise, making it difficult to remember that the children’s well- being should be at the heart of every decision.


At the law office of Christopher H. Warren, we recognize the delicate balance our clients must strike between their interests and the best interests of their children. We attempt to resolve child.

Negotiating a Child Custody Agreement

In most cases, a child custody agreement that is negotiated between parents is preferable to custodial order handed down by a judge. You know your children and their specific needs. Trials are unpredictable and the outcome is uncertain. Whenever possible, we will work with you to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with your former spouse or partner that helps to raise the children in ways that you both can agree upon.


However, if negotiations go awry and a child custody agreement cannot be reached, we can assist you in preparing for trial to determine custody. We will also assist you in determining a joint custody implementation plan to suggest to the court. The implementation plan defines when each parent has physical custody or visitation of the children so that the children are assured frequent and continuing contact with both parents. The joint custody implementation plan also allocates the legal authority and responsibility of each parent and can provide for such particulars as transportation, vacation and hurricane evacuation schedules. Our firm has developed, gained judicial approval of and implemented numerous custody implementation plans.

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